Faculty Bios, Directory and Publications

Faculty Web Presence

Faculty bios are published online and periodically printed in a faculty directory (available on request). Online bios are populated using data from Digital Measures and augmented with links to Publications. Read more about Digital Measures via the navigation at left, including a help guide for entering content.

  • Official Faculty Bio – every faculty has a Bio presented in a standard format.  Contact Shannon Laidlaw in the Dean’s Office (shannon.laidlaw@wustl.edu) to create a Bio to display at www.olin.wustl.edu/FacultyBios. Official Olin Bios use a standard template and are connected with data from Digital Measures.  Once a bio exists, Faculty can made edits directly in Digital Measures, or get help from Terry Wirtel or your faculty assistant.  Read more about Digital Measures via the navigation at left, including a help guide for entering content.
  • CV –  to show your CV in the right column of your Official Faculty Bio, create a PDF file naming it CV.pdf and save to ANY web-hosting service (see personal web page section for more info). Once the PDF file is in place, Faculty or the Dean’s office can enter the web-hosting URL into your Digital Measures record. 
  • Personal Web Page – Optional.  Build your own page, hire a student, work with your TA or any external vendor. Personal web pages are yours to do with as you wish using your own resources. You can host your personal site with any web hosting service. Once complete, Faculty or the Dean’s office can insert the resulting hyperlink in Digital Measures to link the personal page to your official bio.  Your personal page will then also be a stand-alone page for distribution as you wish. 
    • The Olin IS team does not provide support or coding for personal web sites.
    • It is strongly encouraged to host your personal web page in a web-hosting service of your choosing.  Olin will discontinue self-hosting on Olin servers.  Any sites already/currently hosted at Olin can remain though it is encouraged to recreate personal web content on a hosting service of your choosing.
  • Areas of Expertise – information in Digital measures displays in the Expertise page at www.olin.wustl.edu/FacultyExpertise
  • Academic Areas – information in Digital measures displays in the Academic Areas page at www.olin.wustl.edu/FacultyAcademicAreas