University-Wide Policies & Protocols

COVID-19 Policies

Visit the central COVID-19 website for resources and policies related to the Danforth campus operations in response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. University-wide announcements and operations are available online and include information on semester-specific academic operations, and health and safety policies related to masking and physical distancing, testing, and screening. It also includes information on events and meetings, travel, visitors, and building access, among others.

The Olin COVID-19 Response website includes information on how University policies may impact Olin operations.

Records Retention Policy

Washington University has adopted a Records Management Policy to meet the administrative, legal, financial, research, and historical needs and requirements of the university. The Records Management Policy includes record retention and record disposal policies.

University Compliance

Washington University in St. Louis’ policies, procedures, and guidelines site provides information related to University-wide policies. It includes policies on academics, financials, governance, graduate and professional school policies, health and safety, human resources, information technology including computers and internet policies, media, research, policies for students, student consumer information, and university space and facility policies.

University Human Resources

The University Human Resources policies site includes access to the Employee Handbook and information on benefits and time off & leave. It also includes information on policies related to health and well-being (e.g. ADA and the Rehabilitation Act, vaccine policies, drug, alcohol, and tobacco policies, etc.); conduct (e.g. abusive conduct policy, conflict of commitment, etc.), remote and flex work arrangements; regulatory postings; among many other policies and statements.

University Information Security Policies

The Office of Information Security is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and resources across our campuses. Policies are regularly posted and updated to assist in minimizing the security risk to university data and systems.

University Travel Policies

The Washington University International Travel Policies apply to all international travel that is sponsored, is funded in any part, or involves the granting of degree credits by WashU. It includes information on mandatory MyTrips International Travel Registry, International Travel Proposals, Travel Suspension Conditions, and forms and links associated with those operations.

The WashU Global site provides information for international travelers on contacts if needing assistance while abroad, health insurance, a travel checklist, guidance for international MOUs, hosting international visitors, export control, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act policy, and more.

University-Wide Student Policies and Forms

The University maintains a repository of over 100 policies, protocols, and statements for managing student life at WashU. A few examples include contracts, forms, and policies for student groups, international student and immigration requirements and forms, preferred name policy, residential life policies and procedures, student conduct-related issues, and more.

It also includes health and wellness policies including treatment documentation, attendance verification, controlled substance agreement, HIPPA, immunizations, mental health policies, medical amnesty and active bystander protocols, medical leave of absence, and others.

Academic & Co-Curricular

Blind Grading

To reduce the impact of biases, Olin utilizes the blind grading system. Blind grading, also referred to as anonymous grading, allows instructors and graders to assess assignments without knowing who submitted them.

Course packets and materials

This policy establishes guidelines for instructors when submitting information for textbook and course packets, using Harvard materials, using simulations, distributing materials to students, and payment of materials and material copyrights.

Course schedule deadlines

Contact the Registrar’s office for more information.

Governance of Certificate Programs

The purpose of this document is to list the types of non-degree certificates offered by the Olin Business School and to outline the process by which a certificate may be approved by the Dean’s office. All certificates issued by the Olin Business School or any of its agencies or Centers should follow these guidelines.

Faculty Committees

This policy establishes guidelines for faculty committees, including committee assignments, minutes, and voting rights, as well as committee descriptions.

Graduate & Professional Programs Policies and Procedures

Graduate and Professional Programs Academic Policies and Code of Conduct: The University Bulletin outlines information on academic probation/suspension and grading. Depending on the program, the Bulletin policies related to course waivers, transfer credit, independent study, Curricular Practical Training (CPT), leave of absence, withdraw, add/drop, and audit policies, and information on graduation. You may find additional policies related to petitions, coursework in other divisions, course registration, special opportunities, study room and room usage policies, lockers, class recordings, and more.

All students are required to abide by the Olin Business School Code of Conduct, which pertains to topics such as academic integrity, professionalism, and respect for others. It also contains guidelines and procedures for academic discipline. The Olin Business School Code of Conduct is published within the Graduate Programs Bulletin.

Graduate Student Organization Policies: The Graduate Student Organization Leadership Handbook includes information about policies and procedures regarding event planning, funding, alcohol, and vendor payments, among other expectations and advising.

Note: Although the below link’s cover page says “MBA,” the policies in the Student Leadership Handbook apply to all graduate students.

Graduate Study Abroad Policies: There are policies unique to students participating on study abroad or international immersion programs. Contact your advisor for details unique including Student Code of Conduct, academic credit, insurance and tuition policies, withdraw and refund policies, and more.

Student Complaint and Grievances

This policy establishes guidelines for grievances or complaints made by students of their instructor.  There are two different protocols depending on the nature of the complaint grievance: 1) Academic; or 2) Non-academic, including Professional Misconduct, Harassment, or Discrimination.

Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

Undergraduate Academic Policies: The Olin Undergraduate Handbook, as well as the University Bulletin, include general academic policies and procedures for the undergraduate programs of the Olin Business School, including but not limited to degree requirements, academic accommodations, professional conduct, attendance policies, grading (including pass/fail, audits, incomplete grades, and grade changes), repeating a course, academic probation, petition procedures, transfer credit, transfer between divisions, residency requirement, and leave of absence. Also included is information on advising, study abroad, graduation and honors, and special opportunities.

Undergraduate Code of Conduct: The Integrity Matters Olin Business School Undergraduate Code of Conduct clarifies appropriate classroom, interpersonal and extracurricular etiquette by individuals and expectations by their peers, the faculty, and the institution. It describes the overall environment of excellence and professionalism that all members of the Olin community seek to establish and to enhance continually. This code also addresses Professional Conduct and Academic Integrity Expectations and Standards (including inside and outside the classroom as well as in the career search process) and outlines the procedures related to allegations of misconduct.

Undergraduate Student Organization Policies: The BSBA Student Organization Policies and Resources site includes information on expectations, advisor meetings, event planning, funding, Terms of Good Standing, and marketing

Undergraduate Study Abroad Policies: Review policies unique to study abroad, including Student Code of Conduct, academic credit, insurance and tuition policies, petition programs, withdraw and refund policies, the study abroad leave of absence and the Study Abroad Handbook.

Financial and Accounting

Olin Finance and Accounting Policies

Olin Finance and Accounting Services website includes guidelines and policies related to travel, reimbursements, purchasing, receivables, and events. Included on their Policies page is the Olin Travel Quick Reference Guide (airfare, auto/rental, combined personal and business travel, travel advances, meal expenses and per diems, and travel report statements), and the Procard Quick Reference Guide and Procurement Card Program Guide(allowable and unallowable purchases, supporting documentation requirements, and user, approver, and reviewer responsibilities). The site also includes student guidelines for completing a travel expense, travel arrangement options, and links to the Washu Executive summary for advances and travel expenses, as well as forms related to finance and accounting services processes.

All contracts must be reviewed by the WU Resource Management Department and must be signed by authorized OBS personnel.  


This policy outlines the process related to contracts, including signing authority.

Departmental Social Expenses

This policy provides guidelines for departmental social expenses, including retirement parties, flowers for death and illness, birthday parties, and other similar types of social expenses. Policy statement coming soon; contact Olin HR and your department head for more information.


This policy outlines allowable gift purchases. Policy statement coming soon; contact Olin Accounting for more information.


This policy outlines the process for grants, including indirect cost rate. Policy statement coming soon; contact Olin HR for more information.


The Olin policy is not to issue honorariums. To seek an exception to this policy, contact the Dean’s office in advance.

Olin IT & Technology Purchasing Policies

Computer hardware and accessories purchases and replacements: Olin Operations reviews all requests for technology purchases over $100 to ensure the ability to take advantage of volume discounts, minimize sales tax, and manage inventory, insurance, and maintenance/support costs. Any staff or faculty who are considering new or replacement hardware and computer equipment should review the associated process.

All faculty and staff have access to free and discounted software through WU IT. Always contact Olin IS before purchasing software (regardless of cost) to verify whether it is available through WU IT and ensure compatibility with WU system. If software is available through WU IT, it must be procured through WU IT (regardless of cost); otherwise, it will not be reimbursed.

Procard Policies

Procard Policies: Visit the university website for procard policies, including the process for violation. Utilize the Olin quick reference for a summary.

Procard Policies: Visit the university website for procard policies, including the process for violation. Utilize the Olin quick reference for a summary.

Research Database Purchase Process

This policy outlines the process for payment requests for research databases (either new or renewal). It is designed to make sure we are using our resources wisely and not paying for databases that are already accessible through one of the WU Libraries, ensuring out Olin’s faculty get access to the best database with the best usage of funds. Policy statement coming soon; contact Olin Finance and Accounting for more information.

STAR Policies

These policies address guidelines and processes related to STAR Policies, including supplemental, loans, overdrafts, and carry forward; adjunct access to funds; research databases; unallowable expenses, and faculty departure. Policy statement coming soon; contact Olin Finance and Accounting Services for more information.

Human Resources

Adjunct Policies

This policy outlines guidelines for adjunct faculty, including qualifications, faculty limits, and spending policies. Policy statement coming soon; contact Olin HR with questions.

Adjunct Parking Policy: This policy establishes guidelines for Olin adjunct professor parking.

Hiring Procedures

Addition to headcount: This policy establishes guidelines for requesting addition to headcount. Policy statement coming soon; contact Olin HR with questions.

Faculty Relocation and Travel Expenses: This statement outlines the guidelines and associated process for reimbursable expenses related to interviewing faculty candidates as well as relocation expenses following an accepted employment offer.

Hiring Processes: This policy outlines the hiring procedures for faculty and staff. Policy statements for faculty, staff, and students coming soon. Contact your department head or Olin HR with questions.

J-1 Scholars: This policy outlines processes related to J-1 scholars, including scholar invitation and scholar approval. Policy statement coming soon; please contact Olin HR with any questions.

Onboarding: Orientation & Training

This policy outlines related to orientation and training of staff and faculty new to Olin. It includes guidance on training related to introductions, safety training, D&I, spending policies, FERPA, as well as other guidance and policies related to onboarding and training. Policy statement coming soon; contact Olin HR or department head for more information.

Teaching Assistant (TA) and Student Worker Policies

This policy outlines guidelines for Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Student Workers, including applicable eligibility requirements, hiring process and salaries, and required training. Policy statement coming soon; for more information contact the Programs Offices or Olin HR.

Travel for Remote Employees

This policy applies to all remote employees (who live outside of St. Louis area, beyond a 100 mile radius) to determine allowable travel reimbursements for trips to St. Louis.  All travel reimbursable travel must have a clearly defined business purpose.  Travel related to school or department socials is not reimbursable.

Space and Facilities

General Services: Processes & Protocols

General Services operates a website that provides contact information, request forms, and additional links related to safety, AV & tech, cleaning & maintenance, dining, keys & cards, mail, reserving space, telecommunications, and wayfinding.

Dining on Campus

Flik: This policy establishes guidelines for using Flik Food Service Vouches and includes a link to the Voucher Request Form.

Department Dining Cards (Bear Bucks): This policy established guidance for using Bear Bucks/Department Dining Cards. Policy coming soon. Contact Olin Accounting and Finance for questions.

Facilities Use and Events

Facilities Use Terms & Conditions: Most facilities use Terms and Conditions can be found in the reservation system (EMS: and could be location dependent.

Baur Hall BH550 Sneider Family Faculty Seminar Room Usage: The use of Bauer Hall 550 (The Sneider Family Faculty Seminar Room) is prioritized for faculty seminar and recruiting purposes. Policy statement coming soon; contact Olin HR for questions.

Dining and Events over $2000: Olin groups have the choice to hire an outside caterer or Knight Center Catering; however, for events over $2,000 see the Olin Spaces Policies and Procedures. Please note, this applies to all Olin spaces, not just BH and KH.

Olin Spaces Policies and Procedures: This policy establishes guidelines for reservations, room setup, audiovisual, catering, cancellations, and decorations within Bauer Hall and Knight Hall and some guidance for requests made through the Knight Center. In general, room setup, audiovisual, catering, and decorations portions of the policy also apply to Simon Hall.

Use of Outside Caterers and Vendors: This policy outlines the responsibilities of the Event Organizer and Caterers/Vendors for events in Knight Hall and Bauer Hall.

Maintenance Requests

This document provides guidelines, links, and contact information related to maintenance requests through Olin General Services or Central Facilities & Management.

Olin IT Policies

Olin IT operates a website that provides IT guidelines for all users, including user responsibilities, access to data and tampering, software piracy, account auditing, and monitoring, user privacy, among others. The website also provides information on enforcement, reporting complaints, infractions and misconduct, IT support, purchasing, and helpful ‘how-tos.’

Olin Office Space & Furniture

Assignment of Olin Office Space: Olin faculty and staff are assigned private or shared office space based on job function.  Assignments for faculty are made by the Vice Dean of Faculty and Research.  Assignments for staff are made by the department manager or the Associate Dean of Administration. See link below for further information.

Furniture ordering and policies: This policy establishes guidelines for staff and faculty to order or replace office furniture.

Olin Resource, Property Use, and Access Control

WashU Olin resources are shared resources available to further educational, research, service, and university-related activities and missions. The WashU Olin community should abide by federal, state, and city laws, regulations and university policy. This policy outlines misuse of resources, reporting, investigation, sanctions and policy compliance.

This policy establishes individual and department responsibilities and processes related to keys, swipe cards, and Olin building access.


Travel Policies & Resources

Student Travel Policies: Students must abide by all department and university policies related to travel and should consult their program advisor for policy information, if not stated in the Study Abroad policy documents linked above under “Academic and Co-curricular Policies.

Faculty and Staff Travel Policies: Faculty and staff must abide by all University-Wide, Olin, and departmental travel policies, including those related to travel registration, finances and accounting, and others that may be found in the aligned section on this page.

Information for International Business Travelers (Olin) provides faculty and staff travelling on university-related business with a starting point or quick refresher on university and department processes and resources. Included in this document is information on the University’s Travel Suspension policy, booking travel with the Dean’s office and visa document support, mandatory travel registration, resources for university health insurance and emergency support abroad, per diem policies, mandatory reporting while in travel, and more.

Airfare, Business Class Travel, Hotel & Lodging Policies

Visit the Olin Finance & Accounting Services site for information on airfare, including booking business class airfare, upgrades, reservations, and preferred travel agents.

Business Class Travel: This policy establishes guidelines for business class airfare.

Lodging: Travelers are expected to seek out moderately priced accommodations. many hotels offer educational discounts or reduced rates to University employees. Additional justification will be requested and approval required if the nightly rate is 50% higher than the GSA lodging rate for the market, unless it is the conference hotel. To find the applicable lodging rate, visit and enter the city, state, or zip code for your destination. Rates often vary by time of year. An itemized hotel bill is required. Internet charges are reimbursable when used for business purposes. Non-reimbursable items include magazines, newspapers, health club bees, movies, and mini-bar purchase.

Hourly staff compensation during travel

Contact Olin HR or department head for more information.

Visas & Immigration Documents

Policy statement coming soon. Contact Olin HR for more information.